The Javascript Math Toolkit Project


I began my programming career in the late 1970’s on TI programmable calculators.  Since that time, I’ve worked in Fortran, Basic, Assembler, C, C++, Javascript/HTML, and Flash/Flex/Actionscript.  Although my focus on applied mathematics (particularly numerical analysis…

Javascript Function Parser


I just started working on the general-purpose function graphing engine.  One of the desirable modes of operation is to be able to graph freeform functions, or functions specified in a calculator-like syntax (sometimes called infix notation)….

A* For Tiles

Well, this is seriously kicking it old-school  I mentioned in the prior post on A* for waypoints that I would add A* for tiles in the library.  In fact, this is the typical application thought of…

A* For Waypoints


The A* algorithm for game tiles has been implemented in a variety of languages and widely discussed in print and online.  Of course, you can expect that in my upcoming JS library announcement.  However, you will…

Project Sneak Preview Part II


I’m still hoping to make a formal announcement of my current project around the beginning of October.  If you know anything about my background, you can probably guess that it’s math oriented and it is a…

Bezier Approximation To Normal Curve


I hope everyone had an enjoyable Labor Day holiday (at least if you live in the US).  So far, everything is on track for a more formal announcement of my current project around the end of…