A Path To Make Javascript Math Toolkit Open Source

When I first started the Javascript Math Toolkit project, I had grand visions of a huge open-source project that would make applied mathematics simple and easy for client-side devs.  As the project grew, I was reminded about the CompGeoJS project and the enormous number of support requests that even a small math library generated.  JS Math Toolkit at what I consider a 1.0 release will dwarf that prior project by at least an order of magnitude.

Since I was a dedicated front-end dev. at the time, I decided to at least temporarily make the toolkit a client-only library as both a differentiating factor and to ease support requirements.

As it happens, I’m about to embark on a new gig and move into server-side development with Java/MongoDB and a few other goodies.  Modern web and device applications are far lighter than the Flash/Flex days and require much less in terms of analytics.  All that goodness has moved server-side.  Custom data visualization gigs are few and far between; most client-side datavis is performed with third-party libraries.

So, in addition to becoming a full-stack dev., server-side applications now give me the greater opportunity to exploit a math and data analytics background.  So, I’m looking to move the JS Math Toolkit project open source.

But, and here’s the catch, I’m going to need some help.  I can continue to develop the raw math libraries, but I will need help on testing, demos, and support.

I won’t start in earnest on this project until around March, but it involves

1.  Finishing off the very basic functionality.  I’m going to move freehand drawing to a future release and develop the kinematics library (think Spine.js).

2. Move  the entire library from carefully handcoded ES5 to Typescript.

3. All the demos will be re-written in Angular 2.

4. Non-visual (purely computational) tests will most likely be done with Jasmine.

If you have experience with TS/Angular 2/Jasmine and want to help out on the demo/testing and possibly the support phases (which means be available to handle basic questions about the library), then please contact me at theAlgorithmist [at] gmail [dot] com .  I’d like to have a small team together by some time in March.


One Comment on “A Path To Make Javascript Math Toolkit Open Source

  1.  by  Taras Novak

    hey, I am still interested in helping you out with this.

    TS/Ang2/Jasmine sounds good to me.

    Let me know when and where you want to start.

    Is there a public github for this proj. yet?