Angular Dev Toolkit

A unique selling proposition or value proposition is a key component to a personal or company brand.  While my personal brand is the ideal blend of math, science, and software engineering, I always like to enhance that brand with tangible, added value.

In 2004, I began the practice of maintaining an Actionscript library that was installed for all my clients. This library greatly enhanced turnaround on Flash (and eventually Flex) projects.  Since the library was distributed with a generous license, the client could use code in the library for follow-on projects even after my contract was over.  This provided the client with a very good value for the dollar in terms of investing in me as a resource.  Someone else might be cheaper per hour, but could not provide the same long-term return on investment.

Technology always changes. By the time I really became proficient in C++ and wanted to be a lifetime C++ dev, I got dragged into the horror I came to know as Actionscript.  By the time I made peace with Actionscript shortly after Actionscript 3, eventually the front-end pendulum swung back to native and I returned to Javascript.  Then, Javascript became Typescript and Angular.  But, as my favorite saying goes, “programming languages come and go, but math is eternal.” As one proof of that statement, I’ve implemented a natural cubic spline in Fortran, C, C++, Java, Javascript, Actionscript, and soon in Typescript.  Yet, the math has not changed once.

As I currently specialize in Angular 2+ and Typescript applications, my current client-only library is dubbed ‘The Angular Dev Toolkit.’  It contains a small set of Angular components, directives, pipes, and services as well as a massive Typescript library.  The latter includes libraries for searching/custom sort, data structures, extensive geometric utilities, layout facilities for floor planning and other geometric applications, programmatic drawing libraries, a small Flux/Redux-style library, and more.

I thought about listing the library’s current contents, but that would be a rather extensive post and would be obsolete by the time it was published.  As I write this post, a skip-list is being developed for inclusion in the data structures section and a trie is on deck.  So, here are some screen shots to provide a sneak preview of the library’s contents.  Click on the image for a full-size view.




As I mentioned above, this is a client-only library, however, you can get your hands on a portion of the library is it includes some of the Typescript Math Toolkit code that I have previously published on Github.  Point your friendly neighborhood browser here and have fun!

And, if you are interested in hiring me, inquiries may be directed to theAlgorithmist [at] gmail [dot] com.  I hope I’ve already answered the question, “so, why should we hire you?”

UPDATE: 2/18 – New datastructures and just added Decision TreeSequencing Engine, and data-driven Finite State Machine.

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