Angular ng-conf Champion Articles


I was honored to be selected as an Angular ng-conf Champion. It was really cool to be on the floor during my first ng-conf and watch the announcement :)

As part of my activity in this role, I will be posting regular articles on Angular covering its use in science and engineering applications. This post serves as a perma-link to all the articles.

I hope you find something of use in them and best of luck in your Angular efforts!

Angular Elements: So Easy, Even A Mathematician Could Do It (also covers Angular running inside React)

Scientific Visualization With Angular (bonus link to single-quadrant graphing engine as an Angular Component)

Editing Tabular Data In Angular (illustrates a lot of techniques I’ve used in actual applications)

Dynamic Component Generation in Lazy Loaded Routes (how to create components programmatically from JSON data, all loaded on-demand in Angular 8)

Cubic Beziers in Angular (creating cubic Beziers with arc-length parameterization and four-point interpolation using the Typescript Math Toolkit – PixiJS used for rendering)

Cubic Bezier Splines with Angular 8 and PixiJS (use PixiJS to render a cubic Bezier spline that passes through a number of control points in an Angular 8 application)

Integrating maps into your Angular application with Leaflet (How to integrate Angular 8 and Leaflet Maps to produce maps that fluidly adapt to changes in browser size).


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