Angular ng-conf Champion Articles


I was honored to be selected as an Angular ng-conf Champion. It was really cool to be on the floor during my first ng-conf and watch the announcement :)

As part of my activity in this role, I will be posting regular articles on Angular covering its use in science and engineering applications. This post serves as a perma-link to all the articles.

I hope you find something of use in them and best of luck in your Angular efforts!


Angular Elements: So Easy, Even A Mathematician Could Do It (also covers Angular running inside React)

Scientific Visualization With Angular (bonus link to single-quadrant graphing engine as an Angular Component)

Editing Tabular Data In Angular (illustrates a lot of techniques I’ve used in actual applications)

Dynamic Component Generation in Lazy Loaded Routes (how to create components programmatically from JSON data, all loaded on-demand in Angular 8)

Cubic Beziers in Angular (creating cubic Beziers with arc-length parameterization and four-point interpolation using the Typescript Math Toolkit – PixiJS used for rendering)

Cubic Bezier Splines with Angular 8 and PixiJS (use PixiJS to render a cubic Bezier spline that passes through a number of control points in an Angular 8 application)

Integrating maps into your Angular application with Leaflet (How to integrate Angular 8 and Leaflet Maps to produce maps that fluidly adapt to changes in browser size).

Angular State Management With BehaviorSubject (an introductory example of state management for simple models using the RxJs BehaviorSubject).

Freehand Drawing in Angular (a variable-width, speed-dependent freehand stroke, packaged as an Angular attribute directive).

Random thoughts on randomness in Typescript (Typescript utility functions that are helpful with computations dealing with random processes).

Submitted For Review

Component-Based Forms (sub-forms built with highly re-usable, standalone components – also covers in-depth details of credit-card validation)


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