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    Angular 4 and ngrx/store

    Well, it’s been a long time since the last post  As you might guess, I’ve been rather busy, so I’ll keep this one short.  A new Angular 4 example is now on my Github.  This one…

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    Typescript Math Toolkit Expression Engine

    I began work on this project late last year and intended to open-source an alpha in early 2016.  However, a very bad car accident has shifted all my plans out four to five months.  I have…

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    Typescript Math Toolkit Data Structures Library

    I’ve been busy with a new gig as of late, so accept my apologies for reduced post frequency.  The Typescript Math Toolkit data structures library is intended to support algorithms provided in the toolkit.  The code,…

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    Typescript Binary Tree Library

    The alpha version of the Typescript Math Toolkit binary tree library is now available on Github.  There is a good writeup on the code at the repo, so I’ll simply provide the link here. https://github.com/theAlgorithmist/TSBinaryTreeLibrary Enjoy…

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    Angular 2 Spreadsheet-Style Analytics

    Most of my micro-application projects derive from a combination of ‘how to’ questions and personal experimentation.  This one is no different.  The issue of how to initialize a 2D tabular display in an Angular 2 template came…

  • Angular 2 and Leaflet
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    Minimizing Worst-Case Complexity

    I recently received a very interesting submission to the Typescript Programming Test Problems Repo. The problem was given to a senior developer as part of a homework exercise in which he was supposed to analyze the…

  • Typescript Generics and the Typescript Math Toolkit Priority Queue
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    Angular2 CLI, Lazy Loading, and AOT Compilation

    Lazy-loading of routes is directly supported in the current Angular platform and they are very easy to organize with NgModules.  Additional performance benefits may be realized from the platform by employing AOT (Ahead Of Time) compilation of…

  • Pascal’s Triangle And The Developer Interview
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    A Complete Angular2 Micro-Application With Lazy-Loaded Routes

    Most of my prior Angular 2 demos focused on one or two specific features of the platform and/or integration of third-party code with an Angular 2 application.   Since lazy-loading of routes is an important consideration for…

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    Angular 2 Routing and NgModule

    I’m in the process of updating the Angular 2 Three Stooges Tribute demo (that covered how to use the component router and implement your own Redux-style model) to the production release and a full-stack implementation.  The…

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    TS Programming Test Problems Repo Updated to TS V2.0

    Just a quick note to announce that I’ve finally updated the Typescript Programming Test Problems repo to use Typescript 2.0.  Handling of 3rd party library typings has been streamlined and is in line with best practices….

  • Angular 2 and Typescript Math Toolkit – Interactive Graph Marker
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    Typescript Math Toolkit Function Graphing Engine Update

    I’m making very good progress on the Typescript Math Toolkit Function Graphing Engine, so I thought it would be a good time for a comprehensive update.  The FGE contains a large number of independent components, some of…

  • Typescript Math Toolkit Random Integer In Range
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    Programming Test Problems In Typescript

    I had a good discussion with friend and fellow developer, Dave, last week.  Dave is a 15-year veteran who does mostly C++/JS programming.  He is the type of guy who can setup his computer in front…

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    Angular2 Animations, Custom Directives, And More

    This demo resulted from two questions that I hope to answer in the context of a single example. The first question was how to choreograph two different animations on two separate DOM elements using only the…

Angular Dev Toolkit

A unique selling proposition or value proposition is a key component to a personal or company brand.  While my personal brand is the ideal blend of math, science, and software engineering, I always like to enhance…


Angular 4 and ngrx/store

Well, it’s been a long time since the last post  As you might guess, I’ve been rather busy, so I’ll keep this one short.  A new Angular 4 example is now on my Github.  This one…

Full Stack Analytics

Performance improvements in JS VM’s along with the addition of async/await to NodeJS makes it a powerful platform for server-side development.  I also find the ability to write-once deploy-anywhere in Typescript to be an additional selling…

Tabular Analysis In Javascript Math Toolkit

Tabular Analysis In Javascript Math Toolkit

I recently added polynomial least squares to the data analytics capability of the Javascript Math Toolkit.  Next in line is analysis of tabular data.  A data table in JS Math Toolkit is ordered by columns with…


Bootstrap Aggregating in Javascript Math Toolkit

I had previously planned on converting most of my Actionscript/Flex stroke engine library to the Javascript Math Toolkit.  Of course, as life seems to always dictate, plans never work out as planned.  I’ve had numerous discussions over…


Quaternion Calculator Built With React JS and JS Math Toolkit

My previous post provided an overview of how to integrate mathematical libraries with Web Components using Polymer as an example.  This post continues that theme with React JS used to create the ‘view’ and the JS Math Toolkit Quaternion…


Quaternion Calculator Built With Javascript Math Toolkit and Polymer

My value proposition is predicated on delivering applied math solutions to a programming team in a manner that abstracts as much of the math and complexity away from the solution as possible.   Of course, the greatest…