Quaternion Calculator Built With React JS and JS Math Toolkit


My previous post provided an overview of how to integrate mathematical libraries with Web Components using Polymer as an example.  This post continues that theme with React JS used to create the ‘view’ and the JS Math Toolkit Quaternion…

Quaternion Calculator Built With Javascript Math Toolkit and Polymer


My value proposition is predicated on delivering applied math solutions to a programming team in a manner that abstracts as much of the math and complexity away from the solution as possible.   Of course, the greatest…

Javascript Math Toolkit Function Graphing Engine Update Part IV


I’m currently working on finishing the basic architecture of the Javascript Math Toolkit function graphing engine.  The graph itself is currently divided into three main containers.  The bottom container is for the grid and axes.  The…

Javascript Math Toolkit Function Graphing Engine Update Part III


The Javascript Math Toolkit function graphing engine development continues to go well.  One of my near-term goals was to add seamless integration between the standalone function parser and graph layers.  This is accomplished by setting a…

Javascript Math Toolkit Function Graphing Engine Update Part II


What a difference a day and a half makes It’s been a while since I’ve been up well past midnight, coding. And, it feels really good. The function graphing engine is coming along quite well.  I…

Javascript Math Toolkit Function Graphing Engine Update


The jsMathToolkit (Canvas) function graphing engine is currently under development and is written on top of EaselJS.  Some of the engine features are listed below. – Ability to zoom and pan the graph and control formatting…

The Javascript Math Toolkit Project


I began my programming career in the late 1970’s on TI programmable calculators.  Since that time, I’ve worked in Fortran, Basic, Assembler, C, C++, Javascript/HTML, and Flash/Flex/Actionscript.  Although my focus on applied mathematics (particularly numerical analysis…

Javascript Function Parser


I just started working on the general-purpose function graphing engine.  One of the desirable modes of operation is to be able to graph freeform functions, or functions specified in a calculator-like syntax (sometimes called infix notation)….