Angular 2 Routing and NgModule


I’m in the process of updating the Angular 2 Three Stooges Tribute demo (that covered how to use the component router and implement your own Redux-style model) to the production release and a full-stack implementation.  The…

TS Programming Test Problems Repo Updated to TS V2.0


Just a quick note to announce that I’ve finally updated the Typescript Programming Test Problems repo to use Typescript 2.0.  Handling of 3rd party library typings has been streamlined and is in line with best practices….

Angular 2 and Typescript Math Toolkit – Interactive Graph Marker

If you have followed blog posts on the Typescript Math Toolkit function graphing engine, then you may have seen this screen shot from the engine’s predecessor (the Javascript Math Toolkit). The red circular sprites are draggable…

Typescript Math Toolkit Function Graphing Engine Update


I’m making very good progress on the Typescript Math Toolkit Function Graphing Engine, so I thought it would be a good time for a comprehensive update.  The FGE contains a large number of independent components, some of…

Typescript Math Toolkit Random Integer In Range

I just finished the V1.0 math package for the Typescript Math Toolkit.  The final holdout was the random integer in range class and a supporting (seeded) RNG.  The problem of computing a pseudo-random integer in a…

Programming Test Problems In Typescript


I had a good discussion with friend and fellow developer, Dave, last week.  Dave is a 15-year veteran who does mostly C++/JS programming.  He is the type of guy who can setup his computer in front…

Angular2 Animations, Custom Directives, And More


This demo resulted from two questions that I hope to answer in the context of a single example. The first question was how to choreograph two different animations on two separate DOM elements using only the…

Broccoli Merge Trees Error

I recently updated some code and config files in an older Angular 2 CLI project.  I made a simple change and then executed the usual ng build.  I was greeted with a Broccoli merge-trees compilation error….