Changing Direction for CompGeoJS


I apologize for the lack of posts in recent weeks.  I’ve been working on a micro-site for a new business focus and that is taking up pretty much all available spare time.  This new area of business also necessitates a slight change in direction of development for CompGeoJS.  I have immediate need for certain capability that does not fit with a reasonable pedagogical direction for the library.  That’s a fancy way of saying that development for the near future will seem rather scattered instead of following a logical flow.

I also have need to segment the library into different packages, which needs to be done at some point in the future, so now is as good a time as any.  This will make life easier for those wishing to use CompGeoJS modules in a RequireJS environment.

So, expect scattered announcements of new capability over the coming weeks and understand that the answer to ‘why did you release X before Y’ is simply ‘because I need X right now and Y later.’

Thanks for your interest in the CompGeoJS project.

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