Architectural Sections in CompGeoJS

I want CompGeoJS to be useful to devs working on architectural applications, floor planning, and 2D layout, so I’ve added support for some simple drafting shapes, namely C-secitons, L-sections, and I-sections.  These are fundamentally simple polygonal shapes, so they were convenient to add in the early alpha phase.  I will add some other geometric shapes to the library just before beta, but want to turn my near-term attention to graphing tools.  These will be especially useful for demos involving parametric curves.

In the mean time, you can view the very boring architectural cross-sections demo here.  Or, you can visit the CompGeoJS home page and see what else is currently in the library.  All examples that illustrate the usage of CompGeoJS are written with ease of reading and deconstruction in mind.  No source is minified or otherwise obfuscated as this is an open source project.  Feel free to look under the hood and try it out for yourself :)


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