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Starting in summer of 2014, I began doing general web design and development for Tactically Advanced Performance Systems.  It’s kind of a long circle back to how I got started on the web, namely developing the micro-site for the SGI Operations Research and Finance initiative  in 1996 :)

It’s been a very interesting project for a very interesting client that involves a business site, an e-commerce site, one micro-site, and a product configurator.  We are about to release the business site and the front-end templates for the e-commerce site are nearly complete.  I hope to turn over the spec to the back-end developer in Feb.

Here are a few partial screen shots from the business site that is awaiting final copy approval.  It is a layered HTML 5 site with custom JS and some CSS animation, intended for IE 9+ and comparable browsers (we have a fallback for stragglers).


Unfortunately, there was no budget for a separate graphic designer, so I had to do the ‘D’ role as well.  The client wanted all interactivity to happen ‘in page,’ so all links (other than shopping) display in a dynamic overlay.  The overlay accepts rich-formatted text


and completely standalone HTML pages.  The latter are loaded via Ajax and direct-injected into the container.


This was very convenient for me as a developer since I could independently test and debug the standalone pages, then instantly integrate them into the main site.  The log files also indicate the load, so the client can see how often these sections are requested.

Under the hood, it’s all jQuery, custom JS, and I used Flash to create the graphics since I don’t own Photoshop.  Sometimes, you just have to make do with what you have available :)

The e-commerce site was interesting since it gave me an opportunity to do a complete Vulcan mind meld with Bootstrap (and it is completely responsive).  There is a ton of custom script for filtering product selections and such that is carefully designed to be compatible with the back-end developer’s process for creating .NET pages.  I got to play with some interesting script for front-end credit-card validation and dynamic password strength validation, but no real math or anything like I’ve programmed in the past.  Once we get past first release, I’ll get a chance to do some math for revenue optimization heuristics.  I think this is an area I’d like to expand upon in addition to work with data visualization.

In the mean time, it’s paying the bills and keeping me really busy, so I can’t complain :)

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