Freehand Drawing Library


The Freehand Drawing Library (FDL) is a private library that is currently licensed to my clients only and a limited number of beta testers.  The library is currently implemented in Actionscript 3 although I may create a Javascript version in the future to support clients wishing to incorporate freehand drawing into mobile apps created with HTML 5/JS.

The FDL makes it easy to integrate smooth, freehand strokes from mouse, touch, or device inputs into an application.  It supports fixed- and variable-width strokes as well as various line decorations such as dashes and dots.   The easiest way to become familiar with the library and its capability is to read all about it.  Here are some links to my old blog that highlight the development.

FDL Cubic Bezier Spline

Editing a cubic bezier spline

Quadratic Arc Decorators

Geometric Shapes

Arrowed Arcs

Arrowed Lines

Image Painting

Dotted Line Decorator

Dashed Line Decorator

Although I generally only license the FDL to clients, I am open to occasionally adding developers to the private beta.  There is a modest three-figure license fee involved.  Once you are in the beta program, then upgrades are free for life.  If you are serious about joining the program, then you may contact me at theAlgorithmist [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

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