Angular 2 Reactive Form Validation


The very recent Angular 2 Release Candidates saw slight changes in forms and expected changes in the A2 Router.  As we expect RC4 to be the immediate predecessor to A2 Final, I thought it would be a good time to upgrade the advanced form validation demo.

The demo has been redone with the Angular CLI and upgraded to be compatible with RC4.  The alpha versions of the Typescript Math Toolkit custom validators were upgraded slightly to be more robust.

Since Reactive Functional Programming is the norm for modern web development and Angular 2 is reactive at its core, I also upgraded the event handlers.  Key-up events were previously used to trigger validate-as-you-type action.  Angular 2 provides a means to subscribe to control changes, so this process has been upgraded to be fully reactive.


What’s that?  You want the code?  Yes, master … I hear … and obey.

Next demo will cover the new (and hopefully last) Router.


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