Programming Test Problems In Typescript


I had a good discussion with friend and fellow developer, Dave, last week.  Dave is a 15-year veteran who does mostly C++/JS programming.  He is the type of guy who can setup his computer in front of a group of people, then after 15-20 minutes of going through code and deconstructing problems, you will want to hire him.  Unfortunately, he has little info about himself and his background online, so there is no way to verify his ‘street cred’ in advance.  So, he must occasionally endure programming tests in order to advance in the interview process.

He called to complain about one in which the questions were so asinine and unrelated to the actual job.  The first problem was ‘reverse the characters in a string’, to which I responded he should have asked them to paste this into their browser console, then walk away.

“TORTXOF EKIM AHPLA”.split(“”).reverse().join(“”);

He then commented that it is possible to get information on test problems in other languages – there are even canned JS tests online.  But, there is nothing in Typescript.  Then came the punch line – ‘why don’t you do that, Jim?’

Yes, of course.  That’s just what I need – another side project in addition to the Typescript Math Toolkit :)  But then, it is a good excuse for more late-night coffee and serves to provide another resource for learning Typescript by example.

I emailed some other devs and combined some of the questions they had been asked during interviews with some asked of me to form a small, initial problem set.  This set will be expanded over time and you are welcome to submit a problem via email at theAlgorithmist [at] gmail [dot] com.

In the mean time, here is the link to the repository.  I hope you find something useful and this serves as a good resource for new Typescript programmers.

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