The Javascript Math Toolkit Project


I began my programming career in the late 1970’s on TI programmable calculators.  Since that time, I’ve worked in Fortran, Basic, Assembler, C, C++, Javascript/HTML, and Flash/Flex/Actionscript.  Although my focus on applied mathematics (particularly numerical analysis…

Javascript Function Parser


I just started working on the general-purpose function graphing engine.  One of the desirable modes of operation is to be able to graph freeform functions, or functions specified in a calculator-like syntax (sometimes called infix notation)….

A* For Tiles

Well, this is seriously kicking it old-school  I mentioned in the prior post on A* for waypoints that I would add A* for tiles in the library.  In fact, this is the typical application thought of…

Project Sneak Preview Part II


I’m still hoping to make a formal announcement of my current project around the beginning of October.  If you know anything about my background, you can probably guess that it’s math oriented and it is a…